Canada Guard Security Inc. Consortium

Security is an essential service that has been around for hundreds of years and is a market that continuously grows. Canada Guard Security Inc. has developed a Franchise program that enables Franchisees to deliver more products and services to customers with a greater value. Our collection of Franchisees brings with them a variety of talents and experiences. Operating a Canada Guard Security Inc. Franchise will enable you to offer a greater range of products and services, have broader access to markets, reduce operating costs, and more quickly grow your list of customers.

Benefits of Operating a Franchise
  • Access to marketing material 
  • Access to tendering and bids
  • Avoiding concurrent costs in regions
  • Central 24-hour dispatch service for better coordination and customer service
  • Collaboration on major security projects
  • Expandable infrastructure with partner franchisees
  • National access to markets through Franchised partners
  • Scale order discounts for better supplier rates
  • Stronger brand recognition
  • Structured operations
  • Subcontractors wear the same uniforms


  • must already have a security agency licence
  • must have a minimum of 3 years of working security experience
  • must have suitable references
  • must be in good financial position
  • Initial Franchise investment of $49 995 to $249 995 per location