Access Control

Canada Guard Security Inc. offers keyless entry systems that allow you to manage access to a restricted area that does not require a physical key to unlock. Keyless systems provide many advantages over a physical. You can remotely control who has access to what areas of a building and you can avoid having to re-key the building if a key has been lost or duplicated without authorization. You can also digitally track entry and exits of building occupants.

There are many shapes and sizes, but as a general rule, you can choose from three types of keyless entry systems for business.

These include:

Keyless Locks with A Combined Keypad

Unfortunately, keyless locks with a keypad do not have remote management capabilities and require that users be physically present to input the key code to gain access or resolve any issues.

Locks with Key Fob Control (Or Proximity Keyless Entry Systems)

Locks with key fob and smart card control are the easiest to implement to your building, involving just a simple tap of the fob or card to the lock to gain access. This system is commonly used in office towers and condominiums because of its ease of use and its ability to quickly activate and deactivate cards.

Smart Locks (Or Remote Keyless Entry Systems)

Smart locks use wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, WiFi, or Z-Wave for access control and remote lock management. Their main advantage is that the user can use the remote-control capabilities through their Smartphone.


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